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Immersion thermostat CORIO C
The CORIO™ C Immersion Circulator is the basic model of the CORIO™ circulator portfolio. The bath attachment clamp is included in delivery and facilitates mounting of the circulator on any bath tank up to 30 liters.
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We are laboratory specialists with our own product range and a strong partner of the most renowned manufacturers in the laboratory sector.
Our assortment ranges from consumables and equipment to chemicals and special products from the areas of research, development and quality management. Furthermore, we have a separate waste water area, which leaves nothing to be desired in this area.

Alcohol Swabs
70 % Isopropylalcohol for cleaning, single packed, non sterile, unfolded approx. 60 x 30 mm.100 pcs/box, 2000 pcs/carton.
From €5.85*
Alcohol Swabs Dispenser "Quickpad"
150 sterile alcohol swabs, soaked in 70 % Isopropylalcohol, in a convenient dispenser (without stand). The empty dispenser can be used as a sharps container.
From €13.30*
Cryo tubes Redline®, external thread
With starfoot, can be stored in standard 9 x 9 / 10 x 10 boxes, this gives 23 % additional storage capacity. Featured with single handed quick seal closure, tightening or removed with only half a turn, tube and cap are made of PP (same coefficient of expansion), and with writing area, red line for maximum filling at 196 °C, RNase/DNase free. Full VDMax25 validation test.
From €396.00*
Disposable anatomical tweezers, ABS, sterile
Disposable anatomical tweezers, 120 mm.


Finger Cots, latex
Finger cots, made of latex, rolled, sizes 2-5, powderfree.


Lid inserts for Cryo tubes Redline®
Turnable, 2 coloured (white/purple, green/yellow, red/blue).200 pieces per colour.


Microfilterplates, 96-wells
Glasfiber (GF) filter characteristics:Recommended forpurificationPrefiltering of dirty solutionsRapid flow rateHigh particle loading capacityPolyethylene (PE) filter characteristics:Suitable for particle-removing coarse filtrationCan be used both as a prefilter or as support filter in combination with other filtersHydrophobicVery good chemical resistance


häberle Laboratory supplies

We carry an extensive range of high-quality laboratory consumables and laboratory equipment of well-known trade names for your laboratory routine.

We offer a large portfolio for the area of safety and occupational health. In particular, we round off our range with protective goggles and disposable gloves as well as chemical gloves.

We also stock a wide range of laboratory items for sampling in the area of quality assurance.


Beakers glass, DURAN®, tall form
DIN 12331. ISO 3819. With approximate graduations and spout. With easy-to-read scale and large labelling field for easy marking, in fired-on, highly durable white ceramic. Due to the uniformly wall thickness, it is suitable for use as a heating vessel. Glass Type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP. With retrace code (Batch Identification). Certificate available via the Internet. Autoclavable.
From €4.80*
Round bottom flasks with GL threaded necks
Non-porous PFA (PFA fluoroplastic). With a central cone joint socket and GL threaded side necks as indicated, to accommodate heat sensors, electrodes or tubing. Vacuum-compatible under certain onditions. e.g. at 30 mbar pressure and 50°C max. temperature.For simple connection of tubing, we recommend the Bola laboratory screw fitting, which must be ordered separately (please ensure the correct size fitting is ordered for the tubing bore required).(Bola item numbers D 590 / D 593 / D 631 / D 632).
From €456.70*
Storage cases for culture tubes
For the protective storage and transportation of culture tubes.


Tubes, culture, Soda-lime glass, screw cap
Autoclavable. For culture growth, transport and storage. Complete with aluminium or plastic screw cap and rubber sealing gasket. The 5 ml size has a frosted marking area.Further sizes available on request.Spare screw caps on request.
From €61.74*
Gas safety tubing, rubber
Flexible connecting line of a rubber tubing with a contracted metal spiral and double-sided end sockets according to DVGW 5501(P). Kink resistant. For connecting between safety gas connection fitting according to DIN 3383-4 and gas burners for laboratories according to DIN 30665 section 1.For all gases according to DVGW worksheet G 260, at pressures up to 100 mbar and temperatures up to 70°C. Installations according to DVGW-TRGI 2008 and DVGW worksheet G 621. DVGW Reg.-No. DG-4607AU2366. Sold only in specified lenght
From €50.10*
Wire baskets, stainless steel
Polished stainless steel wire.
From €50.00*


Universal cans, Unicon, pure aluminium
Cylindrical, with drop-on cover. For sterilization and storage of pipette tips and small components made of glass or plastic.Accessory pipette tip rack inserts are available for Unicon 3, for easy dispensing after sterilization.
From €51.24*
Chemical Waste Disposal Unit, PE / PP
For the collection of liquid chemicals in the workplace. The HDPE filling inlet contains a self-closing ball float, an overfill spout and a spray shield. Additionally, a screw cap (GL 63) with sealing ring is included.


Disposable Gloves Vasco® Nitril white
Light glove design for superior sensitivityGood elasticity for comfortable fit and easy finger movementsExcellent heat transfer properties for less sweatingMicro-rough structure in the finger area for safe gripOptimal combination of wall thickness and barrier propertiesAmbidextrous, non-sterilePowder-free, latex-freeExamination gloves according MDD 93/42/EWG, EN 455Protective gloves according to PPE Regulation EU 2016/425 (Cat. III)AQL 1.0According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type B, EN ISO 374-5:2016, EN 421, EN 420 Suitable for food handling.
From €23.10*
Storage cases for culture tubes
For the protective storage and transportation of culture tubes.


Spicemen Jar, DURAN®
Cylindrical. With fitted stoppers.
From €49.60*

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Laboratory supplies in the häberle LABORTECHNIK online shop

häberle LABORTECHNIK is one of the largest independent laboratory wholesalers in Germany with an internationally oriented customer base. For 40 years, häberle LABORTECHNIK has been at its customers' side.
You can benefit from practical experience, professionally trained employees and a call-off warehouse from which direct "just-in-time" dispatch is possible. Thanks to comprehensive services, a product portfolio of over 500,000 products, including consumables, equipment and chemicals, as well as the provision of personal eBusiness solutions, häberle LABORTECHNIK is a competent partner for customers from the laboratory, research, quality assurance and environmental technology sectors.