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Electrophoresis package MSMINIDUO-NANO300 | Type : MSMINIDUO-NANO300-Kit

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Product information "Electrophoresis package MSMINIDUO-NANO300 | Type : MSMINIDUO-NANO300-Kit"
Combination package for any horizontal electrophoresis application. Ideal for starting work on electrophoresis techniques.

  • Electrophoresis tank multiSUB Mini can process up to 64 samples and is equipped with 2 gel tray sizes (7 x 7 cm and 7 x 10 cm)

  • Power supply nanoPAC with two-step function for changing the programming of voltage, current and time during the run

Scope of supply:
MSMINIDUO-NANO300: Electrophoresis tank multiSUB Mini DUO, power supply nanoPAC-300P
MSMINIDUO-NANO300-Kit: Electrophoresis tank multiSUB Mini DUO, power supply nanoPAC-300P, agarose (100 g), DNA ladder (250 bp to 10 Kb), DNA loading dye Bromophenol blue, TBE-running buffer powder (10 x 1 l)