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Microlitre centrifuges, Heraeus™ Pico™ and Fresco™

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Product information "Microlitre centrifuges, Heraeus™ Pico™ and Fresco™"
The Heraeus™ Pico™ & Fresco™ microcentrifuges from Thermo combine productivity, versatility, safety and convenience in a compact, easy to-use lab instrument. Available in 17000 x g and 21000 x g models, both the ventilated Heraeus Pico and the refrigerated Heraeus Fresco offer a range of rotors to support micro-volume protocols such as nucleic acid preparation, protein isolation and reaction set-up. Featuring a new 24 x 2ml rotor with a biocontainment lid certified by CAMR.

At the same time the Heraeus pico and Fresco convince with a high measure of user comfort: the improved control panel with clear display permits a simple programming during the equipment allows an easy cleaning itself. The new cap is arranged with an audible "clicks" and saftey locked for the complete centrifugatuion expiration. Particularly developed for laboratories,which use the 0.2ml to 2.0ml micro tubes, these micro centrifuges offer maximum productivity and user comfort with capacities from 12 to 48 tubes.
  • High Productivity - Fast acceleration and deceleration time (12 seconds) means you can process more samples in less time
  • User-friendly - fast and simple changes of rotors and tubes by a new user friendly Design
  • Safe - singular "Click CLOSE" - cap system for aerosol-tight inclusion of the biological substances guarantees the security of the user
  • Comfortable - simple fast attitude of the run parameters and a clearly arranged display
  • Multifunctional - selecting it from a broad pallet of rotors, which includes a Biocontainment rotor, a PCR rotor and a micro litre rotor with high sample capacity
Description: inkl. 24 x 1,5/2,0 ml Rotor mit ClickSeal Biocontainment-Deckel
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 295 x 445 x 330
Manufacturer Article Number: 75002425
Max. rcf x g: 21000
Max. speed rpm: 14800
Type: Fresco™ 21