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Pipette Tips refill system MultiTray®

Article number: 4653498


Packaging unit: 960 piece

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Product information "Pipette Tips refill system MultiTray®"
A: all pipettes, ratiopetta®
B: Gilson PIPETMAN® Classic
C: Gilson PIPETMAN® Ultra
D: Gilson PIPETMAN® Neo
E: Thermo-Scientific Finnpipette® F1 / F2
F: BioHit® Proline
G: BioHit® Mline
H: Brand Transferpette® S
I: Brand Transferpette® electronic
J: Eppendorf Reference®
K: Eppendorf Reference® 2
L: Eppendorf Research®
M: Eppendorf Research® plus
N: Socorex Acura® manual 825
O: Socorex Acura® manual 835
P: Socorex Acura® manual XS
Q: Socorex Calibra® digital 822
R: Socorex Calibra® digital 832
S: Dr. Lange®
T: Oxford®
Capacity: 100 ... 1200 µl
Colour: Colourless
For type: A, B, D, E, F, G, H, I, K, L, M, N, P, Q
Manufacturer Article Number: 24 30 612
Max. capacity: 1200 µl
Min. capacity: 100 µl
Package: 16 Rack(s) of 60
UNSPSC: 41121600


Boxes Multibox®plus and -ultra for Pipette Tip Refill System MultiTray®, empty
Reusable pipette tip boxes for the ratiolab® MultiTray® refill systems.Multibox® plus, PC, with dust-proof hinged and sliding lid, completely removableMultibox® ultra, PP, with hinged lidcan be autoclaved several times at 121 °C, 20 minquantity per pack: 1 pc.deliver: Multibox®plus or -ultra without MultiTray® and without pipette tips

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