About us - family business with vision

A warm welcome

As one of the largest independent laboratory wholesalers in Germany, we supply companies, laboratories and scientific institutions with numerous products required for their daily work. In doing so, we have optimized logistics with central connections to various transport routes, an extensive product portfolio from a wide range of application areas, and a digital supply platform at our disposal.

In addition to the great possibilities that ensure convenient and fast supply to your facility, personal cooperation on a partnership level is particularly important to us. Here, you can look forward to an exchange based on partnership, reliability at all levels, years of industry-relevant experience, top service and a convincing price-performance ratio.

For more than 40 years, we have stood for first-class advice and a comprehensive product portfolio in the fields of laboratory supplies, chromatography, life science, chemicals and wastewater. Our team is ready to help you with any questions you may have!


In the realization of our business goals, we represent values that significantly shape an interaction with our customers, society as a whole and each other. These values act as a guide for our daily actions and are actively lived in our company.


We are authentic because we know where we come from and who we are.

Open Minded

We are open-minded and interested, for all customers, wishes, suggestions and new requirements.


We are practical because we always want the best for our customers and are the one point of contact for everything to do with the laboratory.


We are committed, because we give everything for our customers and the satisfaction is very important for us.

We want to offer our customers and partners not only high-quality products and qualitative services, but also to create added value from which you can fully benefit.

Central contact

We are the point of contact for our customers and partners for all their concerns.


A loyal business relationship is important to us! Our customers and partners can always rely on us.


The will to give everything for our customers until their needs are satisfied.


Solution-oriented Our work is solution-oriented. The focus is on the problems of our customers, which we want to solve.



  • Full range of laboratory supplies, life science, chromatography and chemicals
  • Separate products especially for waste water

Product range

  • Extensive range of more than 250,000 articles
  • Customized products, full laboratory planning, individual consulting and training


  • Direct contact persons in the office and in the field
  • Manufacturer-trained technicians

Shipping warehouse

  • over 12.000 m² storage area
  • more than 56,000 individual storage locations / 4,500 pallet locations
  • average product availability of over 90%

contract / call-off warehouse

  • over 2,000 m² available storage space
  • Planning reliability thanks to variable storage period


  • 160,000 packages per year
  • Worldwide shipment of all products
  • Global partnerships with leading logistics service providers


  • Special sales team for export inquiries
  • Product catalog in 8 different languages


  • Exhibitor at international trade fairs
  • Product coordination and supply for major global projects


  • 6.200 export shipments per year
  • direct customs clearance
  • Global partnerships with leading logistics service providers


Online Shop

Our online store has a user-friendly presentation and navigation. With the help of our search you will get precise results with all search queries. You as a customer are very important to us, which is why we have developed a reward system that you can access with every order.

Sales platforms

You can find us on Wucato, Ariba, Mercateo and Simple Systems. If you purchase via another platform, we will be happy to expand our channels to be able to continue to supply you in the future.

OCI interface

With the help of our self-developed OCI interface you have the possibility to connect your ERP system directly to our online store.

Laboratory full supply

A product range of more than 250,000 products from the areas of laboratory supplies, life science, chromatography and chemicals offer you a differentiated choice.

Waste water supply

Not only do we have experts in the field of wastewater supply, but we also have a separate category with numerous products specifically for your area of application.


We also offer data exchange via BMEcat. Should you require assistance with this, our in-house IT department will of course be happy to help.

Special designs

You need something unique? No problem! We will gladly manufacture your desired products from glass, stainless steel and plastic.

Laboratory planning

With the help of our specialists, we plan your dream laboratory together.

Maintenance & Repair

Our manufacturer-trained technicians perform legally required safety inspections and maintenance on your equipment, while also taking care of professional repair.